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  iImportant notice!
Compliance with the following
information and instructions for correct
battery replacement is absolutely
- ISTA Document
For additional information, see:
- Battery master document
The original battery (battery size and
type) as indicated in the vehicle's
order specifications must always be
installed to ensure correct operation of
the on-board electrical system!
If the vehicle is equipped with an IBS
(Intelligent Battery Sensor), the
battery must be registered via the
diagnostic system (ISTA); this process
also registers the battery with the
vehicle's on-board electrical system.
Standard batteries can always be
replaced by AGM batteries with the same
Following either type of replacement,
the vehicle registration process in
ISTA/P must be supplemented by a vehicle
coding procedure, which is carried out
as follows:
Read out battery size and registration
from onboard electrical system:
ISTA->Service functions->Body->Voltage
supply->Register_battery replacement->
Test plan
01Battery Fa. Douglas (Warranty only)70AH 570A161218381738$123.00
01Battery from Exide (Warranty Only)70AH 570A106/200861216946332ENDED
01Battery from Exide (Warranty Only)70AH 570A161217586960ENDED
01Battery, East Penn (warranty only)AGM 70AH 760A161217553951See SI 610696 (110)
01Battery Fa. Douglas (Warranty only)80AH 640A161218381749$136.00
01Battery from Exide (Warranty Only)80AH 640A106/200861216946333ENDED
01Battery from Exide (Warranty Only)80AH 640A161217586961ENDED
01Battery Fa. Douglas (Warranty only)90AH 720A161218381762$144.50
01Battery from Exide (Warranty Only)90AH 720A106/200861216946334ENDED
01Battery from Exide (Warranty Only)90AH 720A161217586962ENDED
01Battery, East Penn (warranty only)AGM 90AH 900A101/201061217553954ENDED, See SI 610696 (110)
01Battery, East Penn (warranty only)AGM 90AH 900A112/201061217594976ENDED
01Battery from Exide (Warranty Only)AGM 92AH161217639054ENDED
01Battery from Exide (Warranty Only)AGM 92AH161217639053

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  • SI, TÜV, SDB = Service Information (refer to TIS).
  • ENDED = The part has been discontinued.
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