E82 125i     Intake manifold system

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Parts diagram
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No.DescriptionSupplementQty From  Up To Part NumberPriceNotes Photo
01Intake manifold111617559523$573.17
02Adjuster unit111617579114$212.50
03Adjuster unit111617560538$212.50
04Set of profile gaskets111617547242$41.12
05Hex bolt with washerM7X50-U1407119903918$0.89
06Hex nut with plateAM7 ZNNIV SI607129905541$0.64
07Angle connector111617561408$58.63
09Bracket ventilation valve111617572643$32.65
10Oval head screwM6X10211617536248$1.05
11Bracket, cable harness111617530272$16.33
12Differential pressure sensor102/201313627585278ENDED
12Differential pressure sensor113628617097
21Cable clamp161138368029$0.43
23Pipe clip113537561748$0.72
24Socket housing, blue112527507526$2.53
only in conjunction with
--Terminal socket for MLK 1,20,25-0,5 MM²/AG112527502932$0.50
--Rubber grommet112527503411$0.18
25Socket housing, blue112527507526$2.53
only in conjunction with
--Sealing grommet0.5-0.75MM²161138366245$0.17
--Terminal socket for MLK 1,20,25-0,5 MM²/AG112527502932$0.50
26Socket housing112527507529$2.53
only in conjunction with
--Rubber grommet112527503411$0.18
--Terminal socket for MLK 1,20,25-0,5MM²/SN212527510668$0.50
27Socket housing112527507257$2.53
only in conjunction with
--Socket terminal SLK 2.8 ELA0,22-0,5MM² AG312521427612$0.50See SI 2 02 05(194)
--Single conductor seal0,25-1,0MM²112521748973$0.13

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  • SI, TÜV, SDB = Service Information (refer to TIS).
  • ENDED = The part has been discontinued.
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