E92N M3     Exterior trim / Grille / Seals

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Parts diagram
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No.DescriptionSupplementQty From  Up To Part NumberPriceNotes Photo
01Outer weatherstrip, left151337157251$35.08
01Outer weatherstrip, right151337157252$35.08
For vehicles with
High gloss shadow line

01Outer weatherstrip, leftGLANZSCHWARZ151338036663$35.08
01Outer weatherstrip, rightGLANZSCHWARZ151338036664$35.08
02Channel cover,exterior,door, front left151337119085$51.42
02Channel cover,exterior,door, front right151337119086$51.42
For vehicles with
High gloss shadow line

02Channel cover,exterior,door, front leftGLANZSCHWARZ151338036657$51.42
02Channel cover,exterior,door, front rightGLANZSCHWARZ151338036658$51.42
03Finisher, side window, rear left151377162573$46.72
03Finisher, side window, rear right151377162574$46.72
For vehicles with
High gloss shadow line

03Finisher, side window, rear leftGLANZSCHWARZ151378036659$58.38
03Finisher, side window, rear rightGLANZSCHWARZ151378036660$58.38
04Roof frame strip, left151767119081$351.67
04Roof frame strip, right151767119082$351.67
For vehicles with
High gloss shadow line

04Roof frame strip, leftGLANZSCHWARZ151768036661$509.10
04Roof frame strip, rightGLANZSCHWARZ151768036662$509.10
05Piping, roof frame strip, left151767167601$10.45
05Piping, roof frame strip, right151767167602$10.45
06GASKET LEFT151767157531$61.68
06GASKET RIGHT151767157532$61.68
07Cover column B left151377119193$9.53
07Cover column B right151377119194$9.53
08Channel sealing,inside,door, front left151337119089$31.17
08Channel sealing,inside,door, front right151337119090$31.17
09Seal, outer left mirror triangle151337153795$14.08
09Seal, outer right mirror triangle151337153796$14.08
10Clip, roof frame strip2251767162587$1.00
11Clip, roof frame strip251767182643$1.10
fits with CFK roof
12Roof molding leftSCHWARZ151138045379$94.85
12Roof molding rightSCHWARZ151138045380$94.85
For vehicles with
Glass roof, electrical

12Roof molding prime-coated left151137181353$116.40
12Roof molding prime-coated right151137181354$116.40
Contains 7 parts
fits with CFK roof
For vehicles with
Glass roof, electrical

16Grille w chrome frame, left103/201051137254967
16Grille w chrome frame, right103/201051137254968
17Supporting ledge151137133292$7.35
18Cover, windshield151317119711$34.28
19Joint seal, left151337119093$21.88
19Joint seal, right151337119094$21.88
20Trim grill, side panel with emblem, left151138046501$97.61
20Trim grill, side panel with emblem, rgt151138046502$97.61
21Frame, grill, primered, left141007891291$13.23
21Frame, grill, primered, right141007891292$13.23
22Trim grill for front flap, left151768041985$17.89
22Trim grill for front flap, right151768041986$17.89
23Emblem adhered left-M3-151138042227$28.82
23Emblem adhered right-M3-151138042228$28.82
24Rubber grommet412527503411$0.18
24Socket housing212527507529$2.53
24Terminal socket for MLK 1,20,25-0,5MM²/SN412527510668$0.50

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  • Items pictured but not listed are not installed on your vehicle.
  • Items pictured without a number are listed on another diagram.
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