E46 325i     Various comb-type connectors

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Parts diagram
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No.DescriptionSupplementQty From  Up To Part NumberPriceNotes Photo
01Insulation housing, fan connector3 POL.?61131393737$0.80
02Insulation housing, fan connector5 POL.?61131393739$0.92
03Insulation housing, fan connector9 POL.?61131393766$0.97
04Insulation housing, fan connector3 POL.?61131393718$0.25
05Insulation housing, fan connector5 POL.?61131393719$0.28
06Insulation housing, fan connector9 POL.?61131393721$0.37
can be shortened to the desired number
of poles
07Comb type connector17 POLIG?61131387150$2.22
08Flat contact, fan connector0,35-0,5 MM²?61131387140$0.35
08Flat contact, fan connector0,75-1,0 MM²?61131387142$0.28
08Flat contact, fan connector1,5-2,5 MM²?61131387144$0.28
09Flat contact, fan connector4,0-6,0 MM²?61131387146$0.43
10Repair kit, earth comb-type connectors2X9POL. /X14249?03/200361116935000$56.87
Repair kit, fan connector, for
watertight application. Consisting of a
9-pin fan connector, a strip of sealing
compound and a shrink-fit hose.
10Repair kit, earth comb-type connectors9 POL.?61130021288$31.69
11Comb type connector7 POL. / M6?61138353734$1.05
11Comb type connector9 POL. / M6?61138353735$1.52
11Comb type connector11 POL. / M6?61138353736$1.55
11Comb type connector17 POL. / M6?61138353739$2.00
11Comb type connector5 POL. / M5?61138387147$0.77
11Comb type connector7 POL. / M5?61138387149$1.05

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