E46 M3     Park Distance Control (PDC)

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Parts diagram
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No.DescriptionSupplementQty From  Up To Part NumberPriceNotes Photo
01Control unit, active PDC166209129815$232.54
02GONG WITH HOLDER107/200765819155105$82.98
02GONG WITH HOLDER165819155105$82.98
04Hex head screwST4,8X13-C-U1-Z307119906128$0.18
05Plastic nutM6216131176747$0.53
06SOUND ABSORBER151718204893$1.20
07Universal socket housing uncoded3 POL.408/200661138365348$3.40
only in conjunction with
--Bushing contact0,2- 0,5MM²?08/200661130005199$1.88
--Bushing contact0,75MM²?08/200661130006665$1.97
07Rep. kit for socket housing3 POL.461132359998
only in conjunction with
--Bushing contact0,2- 0,5MM²?61130005199$1.88
--Bushing contact0,75MM²?61130006665$1.97
08Universal socket housing uncoded12 POL.261131383736$0.92
only in conjunction with
--Bushing contact0,2- 0,5MM²?61130005197$1.65
--Bushing contact0.75MM²?61130006663$1.82
--Covering cap12 POL./Z-CODE261138364652$1.30
09Universal socket housing, uncoded3 POL.161138352304$16.65
only in conjunction with
--Snap-in receptacle 2.5 watertight0,5-1,0 MM²361130007441$5.53

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