E46 M3     Air duct

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Parts diagram
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No.DescriptionSupplementQty From  Up To Part NumberPriceNotes Photo
02FRONT AIR DUCT151717893351$78.83
03Expanding rivetSCHWARZ251118174185$0.30
03Expanding rivet451718229003$0.45
04FRONT LEFT BRAKE AIR DUCT151712695701$56.15
04FRONT RIGHT BRAKE AIR DUCT151712695702$56.15
For vehicles with
Aerodynamics package

04FRONT LEFT BRAKE AIR DUCT- M -103/200351717893129$33.90
04FRONT RIGHT BRAKE AIR DUCT- M -103/200351717893130$33.90
05Expanding nutST 4.8 WEISS463171367868$0.60
05Expanding nutL=15MM, DMAX=12407146976114$0.09
07Fillister head screwTS5X20207146986938$0.45
11Body nutST4,8MM251437001566$0.65
14Expanding rivet451471919209$0.45
19BRACKET LEFT151717892797$33.90
19BRACKET RIGHT151717892798$33.90
20AIR CHANNEL151717893051$28.30
22Intermediate piece151717892754$22.68

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  • Items pictured but not listed are not installed on your vehicle.
  • Items pictured without a number are listed on another diagram.
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